How to Record a New Video?

1- Click on the “Record” button in the top right.

2- You may be asked to grant the permission to use your camera and microphone to the system, click "Allow" to continue.

3- You may also need to install the "CircleHD Studio" extension on your chrome browser.

Click on the "ADD TO CHROME" button to install the "CircleHD Studio" extension.

4- The Recording Studio will be opened and your Camera and microphone will start automatically.

5- The Recording Studio goes to the webcam camera recording option by default, you can click on “Camera” button below the Video player to make sure it’s selected.

6- Then click on “Start Recording” to start the session, it will countdown from 3 to provide lead start.

7- Once you have recorded the video, you can click “Stop Recording”.

8- You will be able to review the recording by playing on Video player controls, which are similar to CircleHD Video player.

9- Once you review the recording, you can chose to upload the video to CircleHD portal by clicking on “Upload” button below the Video player.

10- Enter the details for the recorded video, assign this directly to a Channel or keep it in Draft (Private) Channel if this needs to go through revisions.

11- Add Tags, Description and Event Date if applicable. Click on the "Save" button to save all your changes.

12- If you need to retake the Video, then you can click on “Start Recording” again to ignore the earlier recording and start again.

13- Make sure you click on “Save” once you enter all the data for the recording.

14- You can click on “Download” to download a copy locally, which you can edit as needed and upload it using the standard “Upload” option in the portal.

15- The recorded videos will be listed in "My Content" page.