Change Logs

This page will contain the history of changes as they were introduced


Site load performs much faster than before. We have tweaked the underlined ajax framework to cut some old fat needed to support older browsers. Now we support only IE 10+

Bug fixes

  • Slack posting now removes HTML characters from description

  • Faster iframe rendering. Faster loading and reloading of video from CDN

  • Auto play videos on browsers prevent them by muting them on 2nd attempt. Better unmuting experience coming soon.

  • Longer transcription support

New features

Users can export analytics for individual videos to Excel.


Bug fixes

  • SAML attribute import fixed for Ping Identity. XML Encoding works well.

  • Transcription now rendered by paragraph. Better reading experience.

  • Performance Improvements


Fixes: bugs related to analytics

New feature

Transcription: Automatically transcribe videos for reading and search for spoken words. Read more on our blog



  • Bugs and improved overall stability for Lessons feature


  • Usage and analytics now includes Length and department column.


New feature


  1. Lesson is Playlist can be assigned to users

  2. Tracked user progress

  3. Completion certificate.