There are settings which can you can enable or disable for all the users of your account. Example : Enable or Disable external sharing of Media(s), Enable or Disable adding comments, ratings etc.
Open Portal Settings.
There is Advanced option available in the left menu bar. Two tabs are available on the Advanced page i.e. Options and Design
1- Options
These options are not user specific. It applies for all the users.
Disable Sharing :
Disable Commenting : It prevents to add comments on the view video page.
Disable Leaderboard :
Disable Rating : It prevents to add rating for a video.
Restrict Upload to admins only : If this option is enabled, regular users cannot upload the video.
Disable all email notifications to users : It stops sending notification emails to users.
Custom Signature for all outgoing emails : An admin adds a signature for all system emails. A signature can be a company name or admin's contact details.
Allow users to download videos : If this option is enabled, a regular user can see download option on view video page to download a video.
Use classic navigation : Default navigation menu is advanced. If admin wants to enable classic menu, this option should be enabled.
2- Designs
Here admin can add css code to change the look and feel of the portal. Custom css and custom html can be added here.