Import Video, Media or Content from External Sources into CircleHD Portal

Import option in CircleHD is a very powerful feature which allows you to load a lot of medias and videos from external sources into your CircleHD portal.
To use import option on your CircleHD portal, please follow below steps;
Step 1: Click on Upload in the top right or go to My Uploads
My Upload Page
Step 2: Click on Import button, this will ask user to enter the import url. If you know the Video / media share url, you can enter that directly or copy the browser url from the external source and paste in URL box.
Import Form
Step 3: You can select main channel if required, click Add once done. This will create a regular video, media item within the portal after importing.
Once its imported successfully and verified, it can be added in multiple channels or shared with internal or external users.
Import feature supports around 250 external sources of content, including all media and video types. The extensive list that you can use for importing content from is shown below.
23HQ, Adways, Alpha App Net, Altru, amCharts Live Editor, Animatron, Animoto, Apester, Archivos, AudioClip, Audiomack, AudioSnaps, Backtracks, Beautiful.AI,, Box Office Buz, BrioVR, Buttondown, Byzart Project, Cacoo, Carbon Health, CatBoat, Ceros, ChartBlocks,, CircuitLab, Clipland, Clyp, CodeHS, Codepen, Codepoints, CodeSandbox, CollegeHumor, Commaful, Coub, Crowd Ranking, Cyrano Systems, Daily Mile, Dailymotion,,, Didacte, Digiteka, Dipity, DocDroid, Dotsub, DTube, edocr, eduMedia, EgliseInfo, Embed Articles, Embedly, Ethfiddle, Eyrie, Facebook (Post), Facebook (Video), Fader, Faithlife TV, FITE, Flat, Flickr, Flourish, Fontself, FOX SPORTS Australia, FrameBuzz, FunnyOrDie, Geograph Britain and Ireland, Geograph Channel Islands, Geograph Germany, Getty Images, Gfycat, Gifnote, GIPHY, GloriaTV, GT Channel, Gyazo,, HuffDuffer, Hulu, iFixit, IFTTT, Indaco, Infogram, Infoveave, Injurymap, Inoreader, inphood, Instagram, iSnare Articles, Issuu, ivlismusic, KakaoTv, Kickstarter, Kidoju, Kijk, Kit, Kitchenbowl, Knacki,, Lille.Pod, Livestream, Ludus, MathEmbed, Matterport,, Medienarchiv der Künste - Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Meetup, MixCloud, Moby Picture, Modelo, MorphCast, Music Box Maniacs, myBeweeg,, Nasjonalbiblioteket,,, Official FM, Omniscope, On Aol, Ora TV, Orbitvu, Oumy,, Overflow, Pastery, PingVP, Pixdor, Podbean, Poll Daddy, Port, Portfolium,,, RapidEngage, Reddit, ReleaseWire, Replit, RepubHub, ReverbNation, RiffReporter, Roomshare, RoosterTeeth, Rumble, Sapo Videos, Screen9,, Screenr, ScribbleMaps, Scribd, SendtoNews, ShortNote, Shoudio, Show the Way, actionable location info, Simplecast, Sizzle, Sketchfab, SlideShare, SmugMug, SocialExplorer, Songlink, SoundCloud, Soundsgood, SpeakerDeck, Spotful, Spotify, Spreaker, Stanford Digital Repository, Streamable, StreamOneCloud, Sutori, Sway, Ted, The New York Times, They Said So, TickCounter, Toornament, Topy, Tuxx, tvcf, Twitch, Twitter, Ubideo, University of Cambridge Map, UOL, Ustream, Utposts, Uttles, VeeR VR, Verse, VEVO, VideoJug, Vidlit, Vidmizer, Vidyard, Vimeo, Viziosphere, Vlipsy, VLIVE, Vlurb, VoxSnap, wecandeo, Wiredrive, Wistia, Inc.,, Wootled,, Yes, I Know IT!, YFrog, YouTube, ZnipeTV, ZProvider, Namchey, Natural Atlas, posiXion, SmashNotes, TypeCast, Audioboom, Blogcast, Facebook, OZ, Polaris Share, Typlog, uStudio, Inc. Collapse
If you have any questions around Import feature, please feel free to email [email protected]