How to Share Your Playlist to External Users/Customers?

1- Click on “Playlists” in the left vertical menu. This will load all the playlists added in the Library. Click on Manage to see your created playlists.

2- Click on the playlist that you want to edit, under “Your Playlists”. Click on Edit option.

This will load the Edit Playlist page as below.

3 - To add your playlist in the Library, you can enable option 'Add to Library' and if you want to share your playlist with non-registered users, enable option 'Allow External Access'. You can share url of your playlist with anyone to share the playlist content with them.

Non registered user can not see the quiz added in your playlist.

4- On the Playlist edit page, you can edit “Title”, “Description”, Categories, thumbnail for the playlist, change order of videos within the playlist, remove videos from the playlist and quiz.

5- You can click “Save” once changes are made. This will take you back to the Playlist detail page.

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