How to Setup Account & Profile?

To setup your account and profile information, click on [Account & Profile] option in the drop-down menu.

The below screen will be opened:

1- Email: your registered email is displayed here [1]

2- Name: enter your full name [2]

3- Headline: enter your job title and work [3]

4- About: describe yourself in a few words [4]

5- Areas of Interest: specify your area of interest [5]

6- Profile Photo: click on the "Choose File" button to select your profile photo [6]

7- Change Password: click on "Change Password" link to change your password [7]

Enter the new password [1] and retype it for confirmation [2], then click on the "Change" button [3] when finish.

8- Multi-Factor Authentication: click on this link to define multi-factor authentication [8]

  • Scan the displayed QR Code using Google Authenticator or Authy mobile application.

  • Verify your account by entering the code generated in the app in the "Verify Code" field.

9- Click on "Save" button [9] when finish to save the profile changes.

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