How long does Video take to transcode?

Videos once uploaded go through transcoding to optimize its support across various devices and bandwidths. The transcoding time depends on the size of the video primarily. e.g. a 30 min video could take around 5-10 mins to transcode and a 3 hr video could very well be 1-2 hrs. Transcoding is needed only one time during the upload but it does pay off by giving the best end user video experience.

Does CircleHD support 4k videos?

CircleHD Users can natively upload crisp, clear screencasts and stream 4k videos made with premium high-resolution cameras. Note that 4k videos contain 8 million pixels and can be cumbersome on your resources due to its file size. In fact, typical file size can range from 1Gb ~ 50Gb. That’s why we have accounted for all these variables and bumped up our single file upload limit to 10GB.

You can refer to our blog article for more details,


What is the Video file size limit for CircleHD?

CircleHD supports upto 10gb file upload, this is in order to support the latest formats that need more space but higher quality. If the file size are more than 10Gb, CircleHD recommends user to break them into chunks of 10 Gb files and combine them together as a playlist for user experience. Related Videos and Recommendations feature in CircleHD can also be used to showcase group videos.


What is the typical file size for different resolution videos?




Recording Duration per GB

4K (UHD)

20 Mbps


12 minutes

1080p (FHD)

5 Mbps


50 minutes

720p (HD)

1 Mbps


3.5 hours

480p (SD)

500 Kbps


8 Hours

Please refer to our blog below for more details on calculating video file size.


Does CircleHD support SlideDecks, Documents, PDFs or Articles?

Yes, CircleHD has native support for Video files, but it also supports uploading and viewing for Slides, Documents, PDFs, Images or importing various types of files from external resources. The import feature in CircleHD supports more than 250 external sources that can be loaded and managed within CircleHD portal.

Can we add a video under multiple channels?

Yes, we can add one video under multiple channels. While assigning a channel, you can add multiple channels in the ‘Channels’ textbox on the Edit Video Page.

Is it possible to archieve a video?

Yes, videos are archived upon deletion from the edit Video page. Admins can restore them using the Media Manager option under the Admin section.

How do we restore deleted or archive video(s)?

You can restore videos in the Media Manager. For more details, checkout our help section.


If a channel is deleted, are all videos deleted under the channel?

No, Owner of the videos can still see their uploaded videos under the “My Uploads” section.

Why can’t I see the camera+screen record option in my firefox browser?

The option is available only in Google Chrome and Edge browser.

How to add subtitles in a video?

You can find the ‘Closed Captioning’ option on the Edit Video page to add subtitles for a video or you can upload the subtitles file (*.srt) format if you have it already available.

Is there a limit for the number of videos I can upload?

No, there is no limit for the number of videos.

Can I restore deleted users with all the existing data?

If users are deleted, it is not possible to retrieve the existing data of the users. To avoid such conditions we have provided disable option. It restricts the user’s login. Later you can enable the same user, it does not delete existing data of the user.

My account is locked out. Two way authentication is enabled in my account but now I do not have code to enter. How can I gain access back?

You can contact our support team at support@circlehd.com and we will help you to get access to your account after verification.

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