How to Create a New Playlist?

1- Once you are logged into CircleHD portal, you can click on “My Uploads” in the left vertical Menu. This will display a list of your uploaded videos.

2- Select the videos that you want to add to the new playlist by selecting check boxes on the left of the Video File.

3- Once the videos for the playlist are created, you can click on the button “+Playlist” on top, under “My Uploads” title.

4- You can select an existing playlist from the “Select a playlist” drop down, or you can add a new playlist by clicking the “Create New Playlist” box and entering the Playlist name below. Click “Add” button once details are added.

5- Playlist will be created once you click on “Add” button. You can go to your Playlists by clicking on “Playlists” link in the left vertical menu.

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