Embedding Videos

This article talk about Embedding and integrating videos from CircleHD to other systems such as LMS and SharePoint.

Embed Markup (HTML)

CircleHD supports embedding videos into other systems such as LMS, Wiki, Confluence and SharePoint. To get the embed markup click sharing below the video playback.

CircleHD Embed Code

The standard HTML Code looks like following.

<iframe allowfullscreen width="100%" height="320" frameborder="0"

The height and width can be modified to match the target container. Default height 320 is too small in most cases should be replaced.

Embedding on a trusted sites.

By default users must be logged in to watch on the embed. If you have a trusted site, and you don't like to force the users to log-in before watching, you can enable trusted site under portal settings.

Users accessing iframe based embedding from these domains will not be prompted to login. However, the username will not show up in analytics if they have not previously logged into CircleHD

If you have multiple domains, wildcard domain names can be added.

Auto Playing Embedded Videos

Videos can be played automatically on page load by appending #autoplay=true to the URL, like following.


Starting Video at specific position

Videos can be played from a specific time by appending #t=seconds to the URL like following.


In the example above the video will play from 100th second or 1 minute 40 seconds when played. The user may however can drag the progress bar to watch from an earlier position.

Note autoplay and start position can be used together like following