Installation Steps

Zoom Integration with CircleHD portal can be done by following below steps. This integration needs user to have admin access on their orgs CircleHD Portal and also needs access to the Zoom Account.

Admin access on CircleHD portal and Zoom, please follow below steps:

From Zoom Marketplace;

  1. Go to Zoom marketplace,, on top right search for "CircleHD"

  2. Select CircleHD, By CircleHD Inc. app, and click on Install link. This will take you to the CircleHD Zoom app landing page.

  3. Click "ADD TO ZOOM" button link on landing page, it will load the CircleHD login page. Continue to follow steps below once you are logged into your enterprise CircleHD portal.

From CircleHD Portal;

  1. Sign in CircleHD portal, you will need Admin privileges to integrate Zoom from CircleHD portal.

  2. Click on top right Profile drop down, and select "Portal Settings"

3. Click on "Integrations" in the left navigation, to load all integration options.

4. Click on "Add to zoom" button which is next Zoom option.

5. It will prompt you to login to your Zoom account, please use your admin user account to login to Zoom. Once you login to your Zoom account, it will prompt you to login on zoom.

6. Once you are logged into Zoom as an admin, it will ask you again to log into CircleHD Portal, upon it will create a Channel as "Zoom Cloud Recordings". Once any call in zoom is recorded using the cloud option, it will automatically push the recording to your CircleHD portal under the folder "Zoom Cloud Recordings".

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