Recording Screen + Camera (Picture in Picture) for effective training

1- Click on the “Upload” button in the top right.

2- Select Record option to record and upload the video.

Following Record options appear.

3- Select the appropriate option as needed. If you plan to share screen and record webcam same time, click on Camera+Screen option.

4- Clicking on Camera+Screen option starts the recording, it will countdown from 3 to provide lead start.

5- Clicking on Picture-in-Picture option makes Camera available at bottom right corner.

6- This helps a lot when user wants to show activity with camera.

7- User can also Pause the recording using Pause button. Pause icon turns into Play icon and clicking on Play icon starts the recording again from the point where you stopped it.

8- End Recording option ends the recording and another pop-up appears for final submission.

9- It will load the preview screen, where user can edit the recording by trimming to micro seconds on start or end of the recording.

10- Once user is ready to Submit recorded video, he/she can click on Submit button for final submission.

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