How to Share Your Playlists?

1- Click on “Playlists” in the left vertical menu. This will load all of your playlists and the public playlists.

2- Click on the playlist that you want to edit, under “Your Playlists”. This will load the Playlists detail page as below.

3- If you want to auto play the videos in the playlists videos automatically in the order arranged, then you can enable “Auto play” option in the right.

4- To edit details on the playlist, you can click “Edit’ button in the right, above the Playlist thumbnail list. This will load the Playlist Edit page.

5- On the Playlist edit page, you can edit “Title”, “Description”, change security settings, add thumbnail for the playlist, change order of videos within the playlist, remove videos from the playlist, add a call to action button on the playlist detail page and delete the playlist completely.

6- You can click “Save” once changes are made. This will take you back to the Playlist detail page as shown below.

7- The call to action button and description will be displayed on the right of the video screen under thumbnails.